Interface MojoMetadataProvider.Context.LocalState

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    public static interface MojoMetadataProvider.Context.LocalState
    Configures local state. Local state files are neither inputs, nor outputs. A typical example would be temporary directories. They are deleted when the outputs of a goal execution are loaded from the cache.
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        MojoMetadataProvider.Context.LocalState files​(java.lang.String propertyName,
                                                      java.lang.Object value)
        Marks the given files as a local state property.
        propertyName - the name of the property to be marked as local state
        value - can be an Iterable, an array or a single object of type String, Path, URI or File. Each element can represent an absolute path or a relative path to a file or directory. If it is a relative path, it will be resolved using the current project's base directory.