Interface DevelocityConfiguration

  • @NonExtensible
    public interface DevelocityConfiguration
    The DSL extension for configuring Develocity, with the name develocity.
     develocity {
       // Develocity configuration
    • Method Detail

      • getBuildScan

        BuildScanConfiguration getBuildScan()
        The build scan configuration.
        the build scan configuration
      • buildScan

        void buildScan​(Action<? super BuildScanConfiguration> action)
        Configure build scans.
        action - the configuration action
      • getServer

        Property<java.lang.String> getServer()
        The URL of the Develocity server.
      • getProjectId

        Property<java.lang.String> getProjectId()
        The project identifier.
      • getAllowUntrustedServer

        Property<java.lang.Boolean> getAllowUntrustedServer()
        Specifies whether it is acceptable to communicate with a Develocity server using an untrusted SSL certificate.

        The default (public) build scan server uses SSL certificates that are trusted by default by standard modern Java environments. If you are using a different build scan server via Develocity, it may use an untrusted certificate. This may be due to the use of an internally provisioned or self-signed certificate.

        In such a scenario, you can either configure the build JVM environment to trust the certificate, or call this method with true to disable verification of the server's identity. Alternatively, you may disable SSL completely for Develocity installation but this is not recommended.

        Allowing communication with untrusted servers keeps data encrypted during transmission, but makes it easy for a man-in-the-middle to impersonate the intended server and capture data.

        This value has no effect if a server is specified using the HTTP protocol (i.e. has SSL disabled).

      • getAccessKey

        Property<java.lang.String> getAccessKey()
        The access key for authenticating with the Develocity server.

        Only the value of the explicitly configured access key is returned but not the value of an access key configured via the DEVELOCITY_ACCESS_KEY environment variable or access key file entry.

        An access key configured this way will take precedence over the DEVELOCITY_ACCESS_KEY environment variable or access key file entry associated with the server.

        the configured Develocity server access key, if available; otherwise, null
      • getBuildCache

        java.lang.Class<? extends DevelocityBuildCache> getBuildCache()
        The type to be used for registering the Develocity build cache with Gradle.

        This should be used with BuildCacheConfiguration.remote(Class, Action) to enable use of the Develocity remote build caching.

        The following example demonstrates usage in a build's settings script:

         buildCache {
           remote(develocity.buildCache) {
             // configure
        the type to be used for registering the Develocity build cache with Gradle
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