Interface PredictiveTestSelectionExtension

  • public interface PredictiveTestSelectionExtension
    Task extension for configuring Predictive Test Selection.

    This extension is added with name "predictiveSelection" to all Test tasks.

    • Field Detail

      • NAME

        static final java.lang.String NAME
        The name of the extension added to each test task.
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        Constant Field Values
    • Method Detail

      • getEnabled

        Property<java.lang.Boolean> getEnabled()
        Whether Predictive Test Selection is enabled.

        This setting defaults to false, which results in the task executing tests with the built-in non-distributed test infrastructure.

        whether Predictive Test Selection is enabled
      • getMode

        Property<PredictiveTestSelectionMode> getMode()
        The mode to use for selecting tests.

        The pts.mode system property can be used to configure the mode from the command line unless the mode is configured explicitly in the build script.

      • getFallbackToRegularExecutionOnMissingJUnitPlatform

        Property<java.lang.Boolean> getFallbackToRegularExecutionOnMissingJUnitPlatform()
        Whether test acceleration should fall back to regular execution, if JUnit Platform is not enabled.